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What Is The Difference Between Injection Mold And Blow Mold?

Injection moulding and blow moulding are two processing technologies for mould products, each of which has its own characteristics. In short, the blow mould adopts the "injection + blowing" method, and the injection mould adopts the "injection + pressing" method. Injection moulding is a solid core, while blow moulding is an empty core. The injection mould has a gate section, and the surface of the blow moulded mold and the air blowing tuyere is uneven.

Understanding the distinctions between protomold injection molding and blow molding is essential for manufacturers seeking reliable protomold companies. While injection molding involves a solid core and gate section, blow molding utilizes an empty core, resulting in uneven surfaces on the blow molded mold and air blowing tuyere. By considering these differences, manufacturers can choose the right protomold company equipped with the appropriate expertise to meet their specific needs and achieve high-quality results.

1. Injection Mold

Injection moulding refers to the injection moulding of materials, that is, the plastic materials are melted, then injected into the mould cavity, the plastic is cooled after entering the mould, and then processed into the required shape. The shape formed is the final finished product appearance, so no other processing is required. In addition, the injection moulding process can well control the details. During the injection moulding process, the bulges, ribs, threads and other parts can be formed in one step.

2. Blow Mold

Blow molding, also known as hollow blow molding, is a rapidly developing plastic processing method. The processing principle is: put the thermoplastic resin or tubular plastic blank obtained by injection molding into the mold, and then inject compressed air into the mold after the mold is closed, so that the plastic blank is inflated and close to the inner wall of the mold, and then obtain the required hollow products through cooling and demoulding.

It is worth mentioning that, very similar to the blow molding of hollow products, the manufacturing process of blow molded films does not use molds in principle, which is completely different from processing injection molding. According to the billet production method, blow molding can be divided into extrusion blow molding and injection blow molding. The new development direction is multi-layer blow molding and stretch blow molding.

3. Difference Between Blow Molding And Injection Molding

In fact, the main difference between injection mold and blow mold is the product form. The products manufactured by injection molding process are usually thick, relatively simple to manufacture, and have relatively low requirements for raw materials. The blow molding process is different, and the product is thin and transparent. Because of this, there are certain requirements for the toughness and tensile properties of raw materials, and the processing requirements of blow molding molds are relatively high.

Injection mold and blow molding mold are widely used in daily life, and both of them have their own advantages and characteristics, and their development prospects are good.

Protomold injection molding and blow molding molds find widespread use in various aspects of daily life due to their distinct advantages and characteristics. With promising development prospects, both methods continue to contribute to the advancement of manufacturing processes and play integral roles in various industries.

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