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SLA Plastic 3D Printing

  • SLA printing is focused on the surface of a light cured material, which is solidified from point to line and line to surface. SLA printing of SLA 3d printing companies Proto Mold enables a wide selection of materials, extremely high feature resolution and high quality surface treatment.

Types of 3D SLA Printing

3D SLA Printing Process

3D SLA Printing Process

  • Step One

    The tank is filled with liquid photosensitive 3d printed resin, and the 3d sla resin solidifies quickly when exposed to a uv laser beam emitted by the laser .

  • Step Two

    At the beginning of molding, the lifting table is below the liquid level, just a height of the cross-section layer thickness.

  • Step Three

    Through the laser beam focused by the lens, the section profile is scanned along the liquid level according to the machine instructions.

  • Step Four

    The table drops the height of one layer of section layer thickness and solidifies the other layer of section.

Advantages of SLA 3d Printing

Advantages of SLA 3d Printing


After a Long development time, mature process, widely used. Uv curing molding systems account for about 60% of the rapid forming machines installed worldwide.


The molding speed is fast and the system works stably.


Highly flexible.


High precision, can be done micron level, such as 0.025mm.


Good surface quality, relatively smooth,suitable for fine parts.

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