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Home Appliance Plastic Injection Molding Material Propertie

In home appliances, ABS, ABS/PVC, AS, PC, POM, MPPO, PET, enhanced PBT, PSF and other engineering plastics are more common, why these engineering plastics?

In fact, ABS is not engineering plastics, compared with PP, PE and other good strength, and often with engineering plastics in PC blend alloy, temporarily listed in the engineering plastics ABS.

Home Appliance Mold Materials Info
Home Appliance Mold Materials Info
MaterialsMaterials InfoUseful
ABSImpact resistance, low temperature resistance, chemical resistance, dimensional stability, surface gloss, easy coating and coloring, moldingThe outer shell of TV, radio recorder, washing machine, refrigerator, record player, telephone, vacuum cleaner, air conditioner, electric fan and so on, and the inner lining of refrigerator
ABS/PVCFlame retardant, corrosion resistance, impact resistance, low temperature performance, dimensional stability, rigidity, moldingA case for a television, video recorder, radio recorder, telephone, etc
AS(copolymer of acrylonitrile and styrene)Impact resistance, stress cracking resistance, abrasion resistance, chemical resistanceSwitches for all kinds of appliances, vegetable dishes for refrigerators
PAWear resistance, mechanical strength, impact resistance, self lubricationAll kinds of household appliances in gear, bearing, flywheel and sliding wear parts
PCImpact resistance, creep resistance, weather resistance, dimensional stability, self-extinguishing, transparencyOptical discs, back - sweep transformers and deflector covers in TV sets, hair dryers, electric heater enclosures, gears, rack, transparent enclosures
POMWear resistance, fatigue resistance, creep resistance, impact resistance, dimensional stabilityBearings, gears, bushings, sliding parts in recorders and video recorders
MPPOElectrical insulation, dimensional stability, mechanical strength, heat resistance, creep resistance, self-extinguishing, molding, impact resistance, coloringCondenser coil frame, valve socket, high voltage insulation cover, tuner parts, control shaft, selenium electrode clip, insulation sleeve, refrigerator casing, air conditioner casing, CD turntable, hair dryer, coffee pot, steam iron
PETHeat resistance, impact resistance, creep resistance, wear resistancePET film is used as the base material of videotape and audio tape; Enhanced PET engineering plastics used for electric heating appliances, high-frequency electronic food heaters, rice cookers, dryers, electric irons
Enhancing PBT,Heat resistance, impact resistance, fatigue resistance, wear resistance, self lubrication, dimensional stability, electrical insulationCoil skeletons, transformer housings, tape cassettes in television sets
Enhancing PPSHeat resistance, corrosion resistance, electrical insulation, dimensional stability, mechanical strength, rigidity, moldingCoil skeletons, transformer housings, tape cassettes in television sets
PSFHeat resistance, electrical insulation, dimensional stability, transparency, rigidity. Mechanical strengthHigh frequency electronic food heater for food, coffee pot, CD light sensitive element

Home Appliance Mold Uses

Uses of Home Appliance Mold

The refrigerator

Requirements: sufficient mechanical strength rigid dimensional stability creep resistance

Refrigerated freezer: in addition to the above mechanical properties requirements offshore non-toxic odorless low temperature resistance cracking resistance cooking oil


The washing machine

Requirements: high heat resistance (100℃) good chemical resistance to detergents, lubricants, greasy and other excellent resistance and good impact resistance.

The most commonly used general plastic PP (inner barrel cover plate base turbine, etc.) engineering plastics are more polyformaldehyde polyamide and ABS.


The air conditioner

Requirements: rigidity, creep resistance, impact resistance, flame retardant, earthquake resistance, cold resistance, weather resistance, hot deformation temperature (HDT) ≥ 70℃.

The components used are fan, air inlet window, front control panel, bearing frame, horizontal radiator and rear housing.

Fan: Indoor fan: 20% to 30% glass fiber AS is used

Outdoor fan: ABS or AS reinforced with glass fiber.

Intake window and front control panel: ABS or HIPS

Bearing frame and horizontal radiator: glass fiber reinforced ABS

Rear housing: ABS resistant to chemicals


Requirements: heat resistance, flame retardant voltage resistance, corona resistance, arc resistance, good rigidity, impact resistance, dimensional stability, creep resistance, etc.

Plastic raw materials: ABS, polyamide, polyformaldehyde, modified polyphenyl ether, polycarbonate, PET, PBT;

Use: TV shell, knob, dial, lens, coil skeleton, transformer control shaft, winding tube, insulation sleeve, etc.;

TV shell: flame retardant ABS or HIPS (ABS comprehensive performance is better than HIPS) using ABS; Flame retardant UL94 V-O grade (ABS/PVC alloy is widely used in the United States, China also uses modified polyphenyl ether, but the price is higher)


Electric fan

Products: blade cover, housing cover, knob, etc

Plastic materials: ABS AS reinforced PPS, etc

Blades: opaque ABS manufactured transparent AS manufactured


Vacuum cleaner

Requirements: good rigidity, good impact resistance, good scratch resistance, good dyeing and luster, anti-static and avoid ash absorption

Plastic materials: Vacuum cleaner shell (ABS), motor support wheel accessories adopt polyamide (PA) or enhanced PP



Requirements: heat resistance, impact strength, appearance

Plastic materials: the outer shell of electric iron, handle and sink bottom plate are made of reinforced PP or ABS. Parts close to the heating area require high heat resistance, and are made of PC PA reinforced PBT.


Microwave and rice cooker

Requirements: heat resistance, flame retardant, rigid dimensional stability.

Plastic materials: ABS shell, handle electrical switch knob with enhanced PBT and ABS;

Internal components require temperatures up to 200℃, and only glass fiber reinforced PSF glass fiber reinforced PPS polyether ether ketone (PEEK) and liquid crystal polymer (LCP) can meet the requirements.


Radio, recorder, and video recorder

Chassis and mandrel

Requirements: good impact resistance, dimensional stability, chemical resistance, surface gloss, easy coating, coloring

Plastic materials: mostly ABS/PVC alloy or ABS HIPS.


Requirements: high rigidity, high mechanical strength, excellent wear resistance, dimensional stability and formability

Plastic material: made of glass fiber reinforced PPS or POM


Requirements: Good wear resistance, high rigidity, high dimensional stability and good formability

Plastic material: POM

Inner parts: bearing, bushing, gear, flywheel, etc

Requirements: Excellent wear resistance, fatigue resistance, impact resistance and dimensional stability

Plastic material: POM or PC


Integrated sound equipment

Components used in engineering plastics: chassis, cover, decoration, plug, CD, etc

Chassis and housing

Requirements: high rigidity impact resistance dimensional stability and abrasion resistance

Plastic material: ABS or AS


Requirements: Excellent surface roughness rigidity dimensional stability

Plastic materials: ABS AS or PC


Requirements: Impact resistance, rigidity, high dimensional stability, excellent insulation

Plastic material: PA PSU (Polysulfone)


The CD

Requirements: High purity, high transparency and good melt flow

Plastic material: PC


Lighting appliances

Components used in engineering plastics: support lamp shade lens

Pedestal and lamp shade

Requirements: good heat resistance rigid impact resistance and dimensional stability

Plastic material: PP or ABS


Requirements: excellent transparency, rigidity, heat resistance and dimensional stability

Plastic material: AS PC

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