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China Plastic Rapid Prototyping

China plastic rapid prototyping is ideal for plastic parts that need to be a precise size or fit. To achieve plastic prototype manufacturing precision, engineers and product developers will often need to test the plastic prototype multiple times within a short period to meet deadlines. Rapid prototype services or our plastic prototype service, as the name suggests, offers this advantage. The china rapid machining factory Proto Mold can offer professional China plastic rapid prototyping products for your plastic prototype manufacturing need.

Plastic PMMA China Rapid Injection Molding

Transparent Rapid prototpe. Proto Mold can choose PMMA (acrylic), transparent PC and other materials for the plastic prototype manufacturing.These materials made out of the rapid prototype through high polishing, extremely high transparency, to achieve the same effect as the real product.

Acrylic is also one of the more materials used in rapid prototype processing, due to its transparent properties, They can be used to substitute glass on many parts.

Mechanical Strength
High temperature resistant hand plate

The PMMA has a lower density than the glass

The density of the PMMA, at approximately 1.15-1.19 g/cm3, It is half of the glass (2.40-2.80 g / cm3) and 43% of metallic aluminum (belonging to light metal).

PMMA has high mechanical strength

The relative molecular weight of PMMA is about 2 million, which is a long chain of polymer, and the chain forming molecules is very soft, therefore, THE strength of PMMA is relatively high, tensile resistance and impact resistance than ordinary glass 7 ~ 18 times higher.

PMMA has high light transmittance

A. Visible light: PMMA is the best polymer transparent material at present, with a light transmittance of 92%, higher than that of glass.

B. Ultraviolet light: Quartz can fully penetrate ultraviolet light, but it is expensive. Ordinary glass can only penetrate 0.6% uv light. PMMA can effectively filter ultraviolet light with wavelength less than 300nm, but the filtering effect between 300nm and 400nm is poor. On the other hand, PMMA has better stability than polycarbonate under ultraviolet light

C. Infrared: PMMA allows infrared (IR) wavelengths less than 2800nm to pass through. The IR of longer wavelengths, less than 25,000nm, is essentially blocked. There are special colored PMmas that allow IR transmission at specific wavelengths while blocking visible light (for remote control or thermal response, etc.).

Optional materials:

epoxy resin, bakelite, black PC, PA(nylon). These four materials in addition to black PC can be bonded, the other three can not be bonded, the overall processing.

Wear resistance rapid prototype, POM or PA is available. These two kinds of materials can not be made rapid prototype bonding, they are need to overall processing.

Plastic Prototype Manufacturing Material Info

Plastic ABS Rapid Prototype

ABS is a thermoplastic polymer material with high strength, good toughness and easy processing. Because of its high strength, corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance, it is often used to make plastic shells for instruments. ABS plate usually has two kinds of light yellow and black, has a certain toughness, density of about 1.04 ~ 1.06g/cm3.


ABS has strong corrosion resistance to acid, alkali and salt, and can also tolerate organic solvent dissolution to a certain extent. ABS resin can perform normally in the environment of -25℃ ~ 60℃, and has good molding, the surface of the processed product is smooth, easy to Painting and electroplate. Therefore, it can be used in household appliances, toys and other everyday products. 


Especially CNC processing of the first plate, ABS use of the scope of about 90%. Can be freely dismantled processing, the strength after bonding will not be greatly affected, this is a big reason why ABS material is popular in the plastic rapid prototype product processing industry.

ABS Materials Characteristics
  • Good impact resistance: only ductile deformation occurs when subjected to sudden attack.

  • High working pressure: the pressure is 1.0mpa at room temperature of 20℃.

  • The product has stable chemical properties, non-toxic, tasteless, and fully meets the health and safety requirements of pharmaceutical and food industries.

  • Large temperature range: the temperature range of its use is -20℃ ~ +70℃.

  • Light weight, saving investment: the weight of ABS is 1/7 of that of steel, thus reducing the weight of the structure, reducing the labor intensity of workers, and reducing the consumption of raw materials, which can greatly save the project investment.

  • Long service life: this product can be used for 50 years in the indoor, such as buried in the underground or water will have a longer life, and no obvious corrosion.

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