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Robot Prototyping

The shell structure of the robot will be complex, and the parts will be relatively large. 3D printing, CNC Milling production and Vacuum casting are very suitable for the test of robot projects and short-run and small batch production in the market.

The rapid prototype manufacturer Proto Mold provides rapid prototyping and manufacturing solutions to meet the growing needs of the robotics industry. We offer reliable manufacturing services that provide fast turnaround times and a high level of quality control, so you can expect parts to be delivered quickly and with the highest possible quality. Whether you need a prototype of a complete robotic system or want to build complex parts, you can count on Proto Mold for just-in-time delivery. Not only will we help you get your prototype to market quickly, but we'll also guarantee a high-quality and accurate product at an affordable price.

Application of robotic prototypes in injection molds

  • Prototyping and design of robots and manipulators (based on working specifications or other parameters)

  • Rapid prototyping of robotic devices, sensors, and actuators (including web-based manufacturing/prototyping)

  • Prototyping and simulation of micro and nanosystems.

  • Automated manufacturing processes, systems, and technologies.

  • Prototyping of robot-assisted medical devices and biomedical engineering applications.

  • Prototyping for information retrieval.

  • Other paradigms and emerging technologies are applicable to the prototyping of robotics and artificial intelligence applications.

Robot Prototyping

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