Industry Proto-mold Co., Ltd.
Industry Proto-mold Co., Ltd.

Quality Control

There is the ISO 9001 certified quality management system At protomold company Proto Mold, we are use advanced testing equipment to measure and inspect each production step to ensure that your project meets stringent quality specifications. And it based on a series of standardized production procedures and work instructions. 

At Proto Mold, between part to part and product to project, we pay much attention to the prototype printing detail, researching new materials, technology, and processes to solve problems. We are sustaining a team of professional rapid manufacturing.

  • DFM Prototyping Review
    [01] Step One

    Design for Manufacturing (DFM) review for all of your prototyping services

    DFM Prototyping Review
  • Contact Purchaser for Prototyping
    [02] Step Two

    Contract and purchaser order review for prototyping services

    Contact Purchaser for Prototyping
  • PMC Prototyping Review
    [03] Step Three

    Production capacity and production plan review (PMC) for prototyping services

    PMC Prototyping Review
  • Prototyping Raw Material Inspection
    [04] Step Four

    Prototyping services incoming raw materials inspection

    Prototyping Raw Material Inspection
  • IPQC Prototyping Control
    [05] Step Five

    Prototyping services printing samples and in-process inspection (IPQC)

    IPQC Prototyping Control
  • Prototyping QC Steps
    [06] Step Six

    Control of nonconforming product and the implementation of corrective and preventive actions for prototyping services

    Prototyping QC Steps
  • OQC of Prototyping
    [07] Step Seven

    Final inspection and testing reports and certifications as required (OQC) in our prototyping services

    OQC of Prototyping
  • Customer Survey of Prototyping
    [08] Step Eight

    Customer satisfaction surveys twice a year, and strive to exceed customer expectations in prototyping services

    Customer Survey of Prototyping