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After-sale Service

At Proto Mold, customer satisfaction is our top priority, and this is reflected in our excellent after-sale service. We are dedicated to providing their customers with support and guidance throughout the entire protomold injection molding process, from initial design to final production. Our experienced team of professionals is available to answer any questions or concerns that may arise, and they work closely with each customer to ensure that their needs are met. With a focus on quality and efficiency, rapid prototype manufacturer Proto Mold is committed to providing the highest level of service to their customers, and they continue to build long-term relationships based on trust and reliability. Whether you are looking for assistance with a new project or require ongoing support, you can count on Proto Mold for exceptional after-sale service.

  • Professional Consulting & Quotation Services

    Professional Consulting & Quotation Services

    For your processing needs, sales engineers will provide you with professional consulting and quotation services, detailed communication of design requirements and delivery, feedback of parts manufacture ability analysis.

  • CMF Senior Engineer Service

    CMF Senior Engineer Service

    CMF senior engineer will provide you manufacture ability analysis, and product realization intention, process review drawing, provide the best process optimization suggestions, eliminate possible quality problems in advance.

  • Project Management Manager Service

    Project Management Manager Service

    The project management manager will follow the parts manufacturing process, accurately communicate the processing requirements, monitor parts quality and processing progress, and we will ensure that you receive high quality parts on time.

  • Quality Inspection Engineer Service

    Quality Inspection Engineer Service

    Quality inspection engineer will also carry out 100% full inspection of  parts, only The qualified quality inspection will be shipped, and we will provide the relevant quality inspection report.

    Customer service manager will accompany you throughout the whole process, we will provide you with long-term service, and solve your problems and needs related to parts processing, so that you can enjoy proto-mod services convenient, if there are any quality issue of the product, we will free rework and express to you in time. 

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