Industry Proto-mold Co., Ltd.
Industry Proto-mold Co., Ltd.
Proto-mold Prototyping Service
Show high quality in the design and manufacturing of Proto-mold prototypes and proto mold products.
Rapid Prototype Services
The product appearance drawings or structural drawings are first made in one or several samples, they are used to check the appearance or structural rationality of the functional rapid prototype materials in product prototype services.
China Sheet Metal Fabrication
Sheet metal as one of the prototyping services is an integrated cold working process for sheet metal (usually less than 6mm), including shearing, punching/cutting/compounding, folding, welding, riveting, splicing, forming (such as automobile body).
China Vacuum Casting Prototyping
Vacuum casting as one of the prototyping services refers to the use of the original sample, in the vacuum state to make silica gel mold, and in the vacuum state using PU material for pouring, so as to clone the same as the original template copy.
Plastic Injection Molding Services
As one of the prototyping services, protomold plastics injection molds is a tool for producing plastic products. It is also a tool to give plastic complete structure and precise size. Injection molding is a processing method used in mass production of some parts with complex shapes.
Pressure Die Casting China
Die casting die as one of the prototyping services is a tool for casting metal parts, a tool for completing the die casting process on a special die casting die forging machine. Materials are aluminum alloy and zinc alloy.
China 3D Printing Wholesale
3D printing parts not only help validate designs, but they can also detect problems earlier in the development process and provide directly feedback on design modifications, preventing costly design iterations once the product is in full production. It is one of the most popular prototyping services.
Proto Mold Product Prototype Solutions
Discover expert insights into product prototype solutions.

China protomold company Proto Mold offers prototype printing services for every industry, product prototype solutions for visual models and rapid prototype services for low volume & short-run production. And product prototype solutions include the Automotive, Medical, Aerospace, Robot. At Proto Mold, customers can manufacture your design with speed, agility, quality and proper protomold cost.

Our focus on automotive rapid prototyping and parts processing as a complete service allows us to expand our knowledge and experience in this area among prototype companies China. We provide China rapid machining support at every level, from form design validation to functional testing of mechanical components, from fast prototyping of external headlights to precision machining of internal components.
As one of the rapid cnc prototyping services, Medical equipment are large, CNC model and small batch production of vacuum casting is very suitable for medical production and testing.
As one of the prototyping services, industrial rapid prototyping development process moves from engineering design and production to engineering verification, design verification, and production verification, and guides subsequent mass production through these verification stages.
As one of the prototyping services, high-quality Cosmetic prototypes are very similar to the final product and are widely used in visual displays, simulated user experiences, design team discussions, trade shows, and other marketing campaigns where the primary purpose is to convey the look and aesthetic of the design.
As one of the prototyping services, robot prototype model production, and processing before doing the injection molding, according to the product appearance drawings or structural drawings to make one or several rapid prototypes. They used to check the appearance or structure of the rationality of the functional sample.
As one of the prototyping services, rapid prototyping is a fast and economical way to make aircraft models, Metal 3D printing is a mainstream demand in aerospace.
Why Choose Proto-mold?
Professional China Prototype Factory to Speed up Your New Projects.

As one of the best China prototyping companies, Industry Proto-mold Limited has a prototyping services history of 15 years, it  located in Songgang Street, Baoan district, the Company's services are focused on prototyping and manufacturing. Our staff from several employees into today's more than 300. Industry Proto-mold has served customers in more than 30 countries around the world, helping many customers to win the Red Dot Design Award. With the scientific control system, standardized workflow, and perfect quality control, more than one hundred professional and technical personnel develop a high level of a professional team with long-term practical experience and has thousands of satisfied prototyping services customers. We provide exceptional global service for prototyping services. Our greatest social value is growing through word of mouth from customers around the world, including industrial, commercial, medical, automotive, and even aerospace. We are committed to meeting your design and manufacturing needs for prototyping services every time. Our mission is to help you turn your prototyping services ideas into reality.

Proto-mold's Prototyping Service Capabilities
Comprehensive capabilities include in-house machining and integration of prototyping and manufacturing resources across China.

Proto-mold from a purely hands-making gradually develops into a mechanized China prototype factory. Our staff size from several employees to today's more than 150, and we focus on our technical innovation and machine update in prototyping services among prototype companies China.  During these years, we imported a modern5-axis CNC milling from Germany, a 3D laser rapid printer from USA, precise CNC machines, 3D quality testing machines, and other high-end equipment. Proto-mold with first-class professional services to a wide range of automotive, gifts, electronics, telecommunications, aerospace, and other vessels, including the automotive annual output of more than 50 million, including front and rear bumpers, center control, and dashboard. grills, ect., for prototyping services.

Proto-mold Prototyping Quality Control
An experienced team of engineers and flexible production methods mean faster prototyping and manufacturing and short lead time.

As protomold company, we put "would rather not first, but quality first" as quality slogan. All employees of the company should complete the post operation 100% according to the standard operating procedures, and produce a reasonable number of high-quality products safely and efficiently. We should firmly believe in Quality --The best salesman. In Proto-mold, We are insist on first-class management, produce first-class proto mold products, provide first-class services, and create first-class enterprises in prototype companies China.

Step One

Design for Manufacturing (DFM) review for all of your prototyping services

Step Two

Contract and purchaser order review for prototyping services

Step Three

Production capacity and production plan review (PMC) for prototyping services

Step Four

Prototyping services incoming raw materials inspection

Step Five

Prototyping services printing samples and in-process inspection (IPQC)

Step Six

Control of nonconforming product and the implementation of corrective and preventive actions for prototyping services

Step Seven

Final inspection and testing reports and certifications as required (OQC) in our prototyping services

Step Eight

Customer satisfaction surveys twice a year, and strive to exceed customer expectations in prototyping services

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What's New at Proto-mold
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