Industry Proto-mold Co., Ltd.
Industry Proto-mold Co., Ltd.



Thanks for the parcel, well received, well packed. All perfect.

I'm working on assembly this week. So far everything is looking great. The cosmetic finish quality is perfectly. I'll let you know if I run into any issues, but it looks good so far.


Please meet Joanna, with Proto-Mold. Proto-Mold makes very high-quality prototypes, Good communication ,  and  has made some eyewear prototypes for us.


Hi Claire! All fits perfect! Many thanks for your support. I've giving your business cards to some startups in the building.


Thank you so much for your quick work Claire!

Much appreciated doing business with you and your team.

Will be sure to reach out for future projects.


Great working with proto-mold. it is so easy. thank you for that.

they arrived with us. thank you very much!!!  They all fits perfectly.

In the future, we will have more project cooperation with the Proto-mold company.


Your Company is very professional and so far I am happy to say that Proro-mold is deal with More than 85% of *** project Jobs. Your work the good job for us.  we will have more Jobs For you at the coming week, thank you for everything.


I was very impression with Proto-mold manufacture, they are finished the outstanding job prototype with the best price. so that I can make my design a reality.  l am very pleasant cooperation with proto-mold.

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