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What is Product Prototype?

Simply put, product prototype testing is a user testing method, mainly through the product prototype to quickly test the validity of existing concepts, assumptions, and spend the least possible cost to verify whether users really need our products.

1. What is a product prototype?

A prototype is neither a formed product nor an intermediate product generated in the process of completing a product, but a design draft used to check whether the product design is reasonable and effective.

Of course, the prototype also plays the role of a tool for teamwork and communication. We can use the prototype to show and communicate our creative ideas, so that team members can understand our ideas more intuitively and quickly, and developers can better develop and realize the products we want according to our ideas.

2. What is product prototype testing?

Generally speaking, according to the degree of reproduction of the actual product interface, the industry mainly divides prototypes into two categories: high-fidelity prototypes and low-fidelity prototypes.

High-fidelity prototypes are drawn exactly as the actual product, so the investment cost is higher; while low-fidelity prototypes are only roughly drawn, without all the details reflected, and require less investment.

Therefore, when doing product prototype testing, we have to choose the right type of prototype according to the progress of the project and resource allocation, and it does not mean that the higher the fidelity is, the better.

Of course, low fidelity does not mean that all parts of the prototype are rough. If the parts directly related to the test content are too different from the actual product, then the test effect will be greatly reduced, and may also get wrong conclusions.

Therefore, the correct posture of prototyping should be to focus on the purpose of testing with minimum resources to meet the minimum needs, and make the parts related to the purpose of testing into high fidelity, while the parts not related to testing can be reduced in fidelity and made into low fidelity, so as to maximize the effectiveness of testing while saving time and resources and maintaining the agility of product prototype testing.

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