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The Main Way of Sheet Metal Processing Connection

In sheet metal fabrication, sheet metal parts must be connected and fastened in a certain way. The main methods of sheet metal connection can be welding, threaded connection, riveting and bonding.

Metal prototyping often involves sheet metal fabrication, where proper connection and fastening of sheet metal parts is crucial. Common methods used in sheet metal connection include welding, threaded connections, riveting, and bonding, allowing for secure and efficient assembly of prototypes.

Ⅰ. Sheet metal processing and welding

It is a process method for local or overall heating of the weldment or plastic deformation of the weldment, or simultaneous heating and plastic deformation to achieve permanent connection, which can be divided into: manual arc welding, gas shielded arc welding, laser welding, segment welding And contact welding, our main workers use gas shielded welding contact welding.

1. Gas-shielded arc welding——When performing gas-shielded arc welding, the electrode arc area and welding pool are under the protection of shielding gas, and the surface of the weld seam is shielded by argon without oxides and inclusions. Welding can be performed at any spatial position, and the forming process of welding can be observed with the naked eye and adjusted for high production efficiency.

2. Contact welding——instantaneous heating during contact welding, and a welding method that pressurizes the welded parts to form a welded joint in a molten or non-melted state at the joint. It can be divided into butt welding, spot welding and seam welding.

Ⅱ. Sheet metal processing threaded connection

The threaded connection has the advantages of easy local installation, convenient disassembly, and simple operation. It is often used in detachable steel structure connections. It can be divided into screw connections and bolt connections.

Ⅲ. Riveting of sheet metal fabrication

Riveting is a method of connecting parts or assemblies of metal structures with rivets. There are many types of rivets. The rivets we commonly use include closed round head blind rivets, closed countersunk head blind rivets and open round head blind rivets, open countersunk head blind rivets.

Ⅳ. Bonding of sheet metal fabrication

A connection method in which the required connection is bonded together with an adhesive.

Ⅴ. Insertion of sheet metal fabrication

Plug-in has the advantages of easy installation, convenient disassembly, and simple operation. Compared with other connection methods, the connection between sheet metal parts can be completed by using the properties of the sheet metal parts themselves, without destroying the material properties of the sheet metal parts themselves.

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