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The Application of 3D Printing in the Footwear Industry

Completing the production of a pair of shoes in just a few hours was an impossible task in the past, but the mature 3D printing technology has made this a reality, and has led to the rapid development of the shoemaking industry.

There are five main applications of 3D printers in the footwear industry, which are accompanied by fast 3D shoe model drawing software, 3D watertight files, and post-processing techniques to form a complete penetrative solution.

3D printing can produce sneaker models

3D printing can achieve 360° non-dead corner printing, and produce shoe models with clear patterns, sharp edges and corners, less material consumption, and shorter production time. Once the prototype is confirmed, it can be produced in one go without the need for further modifications, and the appearance and structure can be quickly confirmed.

3D printing soft rubber fitting shoe models

Used for fitting and to test functionality and rationality.

3D printing sand casting shoe models

Using 3D printed shoe models can effectively replace CNC-carved wooden molds for sand casting, and create molds with more delicate textures and patterns.

3D printed production molds

3D printing production molds, skipping the sand casting process, are directly used for the mass production of finished shoe soles. They can be used for plastic injection, PU and cold press shoe insole molds, but are not yet suitable for hot press rubber, mold press EVA and injection EVA, and can generally produce parts for up to 100 pairs of shoes.

In the footwear industry, 3D printing technology serves as a game-changer by enabling the production of production molds, thus eliminating the need for traditional sand casting processes. These innovative proto moulds can be utilized for plastic injection, PU, and cold press shoe insole molds, revolutionizing the manufacturing process for up to 100 pairs of shoes. However, they are currently not suitable for hot press rubber, mold press EVA, and injection EVA applications.

3D printing can produce finished shoe soles

In the future, everyone can have their own custom-made 3D printed shoes. This is more suitable for personal sizes, and can also achieve more lightweight and comfortable shoe sole structures, such as hollow structures for sport shoes, which have better shock absorption and rebound effects.

The eruption of 3D printing in the shoe industry market has arrived. Sports brands combining 3D printing technology are innovating the traditional shoe sole mold manufacturing mode, and are also promoting the further development of the entire industry. The shoemaking industry combined with 3D printing technology has truly entered the era of mass production of mold-free products.

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