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CNC High-precision Parts

The main equipment used in processing are: milling machine (milling machine and discrete milling, turret milling, etc.), lathes, drilling machines, grinding machines (including cylindrical grinding, internal grinding, flat grinding, etc.), punching machine, CNC (milling), planer, boring machine, slotting machine, sawing machine, CNC (car) also called computer gong, line cutting machine, spark machine, etc.


What kind of machine tool to choose is based on the functional requirements of products and parts, to determine a reasonable processing technology, and to select the appropriate processing equipment according to the processing technology. Of course, these are designed by the designer according to the working requirements of the products and parts, and marked with the corresponding tolerances, and draw, first the wool, and then the rough processing, and then the need for heat treatment, before entering the process of finishing.

In the actual processing, in order to meet the processing process requirements, the following processing equipment should be used, such as vacuum furnace for material heat treatment, deep hole drill for processing deep holes, engraving machine for engraving, laser marking machine for coding, chamfering machine for burring edge, grinder and knife grinder for sharpening tools, and three coordinates for measuring the size of parts.


For example, the material used in a part is DC53, the material hardware requires HRC56-58, in the processing of this part, the processing technology to be used is: milling machine - heat treatment - grinding machine -CNC milling machine - drilling - line cutting - spark machine - light saving; If the parts should be engraved with the font number or material font of the parts, but also engraving processing, and then marking after completion.

Reasonable choice of processing technology is a lot of benefits, within the delivery time, to complete the parts processing requirements at the lowest cost; Now, the equipment in many industries, because the replacement is too fast, the delivery requirement is getting shorter and shorter, and in order to complete the parts on time, the fastest processing technology can only be selected regardless of the cost, so the processing cost of the parts is increased.

Only very familiar with the processing range and processing accuracy of various machine tools, can choose reasonable processing technology according to different requirements; As the project management follow-up personnel, only the processing scope and capacity of the processing machine have a complete and clear understanding, in order to better evaluate the structure of the parts and processing progress.


Industry Proto-mold Limited offer the highest-quality machine parts for your CNC milling needs. Our high-precision parts and high precision plastic injection molding are manufactured with the latest technology to ensure accuracy and durability.

we also provide FAI test reports for each part of the product.

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