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What Materials Should Be Chosen for the 3D Prototype Printing?

1. What is the first thing to check for 3D prototype printing?

When using an online 3D prototyping service like Sculpteo to improve the prototyping process, you can use a variety of materials and techniques with different properties and prices. But when choosing prototyping materials, you have to check every aspect.

2. The price of 3D prototype printing

This is undoubtedly the most important point for your company. How can you improve your manufacturing process while reducing costs?

For example, if you need to create a metal object, it can be very fun to make your prototype out of plastic.

In fact, it would be more cost-effective to start early prototypes in plastic and then move to metal 3D prototype printing for final validation. Choosing between different plastic materials and various options will help you find the most economical solution for your prototyping project.

To find practical prototype solutions, it is advisable to begin with plastic materials during the early stages and then transition to metal 3D prototype printing for final validation. This approach allows for cost-effectiveness in the prototyping process, offering flexibility in choosing different plastic materials and exploring various options to identify the most economical solution for your project, especially when considering metal prototyping and protomold plastics.

3. Accuracy and quality of 3D prototype printing materials

Prototyping is a way to get a perfect overview of a project to uncover the final issues. Of course you want to create a functional prototype. That's why, if you have a complex project or a well-designed object, it's important to check that the materials and 3D prototyping techniques are accurate enough to aid your prototyping process. However, you obviously have to keep in mind the mechanical properties of the final material you will be using.

With the right materials, you should be able to make functional objects. Do you need to get an object of the same weight as the final product? have the same size? Can I have the same application? Before making your final choice, you must ask yourself a few questions in order to understand all aspects of the prototype you need to examine.

4. Design guidelines for 3D prototype printing materials

All materials have different design guidelines. When choosing your materials, be sure to check them out for a perfect object. This may be the reason why your 3D file is not 3D printable, you have to make sure that everything is ok with the size and geometry of your project. In fact, if the walls are too thin, the document may not print or be damaged immediately, which can backfire.

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