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Four Common Tools for Sheet Metal Fabrication

sheet metal fabrication generally requires the cooperation of tools, and good tools can often multiply the work with half the effort and speed up the work efficiency. And what are the common tools used by sheet metal fabricators in general? Next, we will introduce you four common tools used in sheet metal fabrication.

1. Shaping and forming tools for sheet metal fabrication

(1) Top iron: It is a hand-held anvil that cooperates with hammer for sheet metal repairing effect, and is also called pad iron or lining iron.

(2) Jig and pry tool: In sheet metal repair, various jigs are often used for processing such as shaping of parts, sheet material folding or fixed scribing.

(3) Hammer: Hammer is a fundamental tool in car sheet metal repair, with many different shapes and effects. Commonly used in repairing are: flat head hammer, stabbing hammer, arch hammer, middle hammer, etc.

2. Electric equipment for sheet metal fabrication

(1) Portable grinding wheel machine: According to the diameter of grinding wheel, there are three kinds: 148mm, 78mm and 39mm.

(2) Disc grinder: Disc grinders are usually used for grinding operations, and the grit of the grinding wheel is 58#, 78# or 110#, generally 78# is used.

(3) Hand drill: Hand drill is a hand-held drilling thing powered by electricity, and the power supply voltage is generally 240V and 40V.

3. Marking tools for sheet metal fabrication

(1) Circle gauge: The circle gauge is mainly used to draw circles or arcs, and it can measure the interval between two points, or lead the scale on the steel plate to the metal plate.

(2) sample punch: also known as the heart punch, the primary is made of high carbon steel, length between 80mm-140mm, grinding into 30 to 40 degrees between or 60 degrees angle two, and after quenching treatment.

(3) Scribing needle: Scribing needle is used to scribe on the plate material. The first is made of medium carbon steel or high carbon steel.

(4) Scribing gauge: Scribing gauge is mainly used for scribing folded edge lines, which can be used for scribing equally spaced leads along the edge of the sheet material.

4. Working platform for sheet metal fabrication

The working platform is a basic part in sheet metal fabrication, which is mainly used for scribing, undercutting, knocking flat and correcting the plane. The general sheet metal working platform has no definite size specification. The material of working platform is mostly cast iron, with reinforced ribs on the reverse side. The work platform is formed by fixing the plate on a support.

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